The IT Team: A Firm’s Most Important Asset

Growing your firm can come from numerous possibilities including an unlikely source: your IT team. In an article from Accounting Today, author V. Allen Smith writes, “Would you like to improve your client service offering, increase your revenue and enhance your firm’s data security? Would you like to do this at no additional cost? It is not only possible, but also fairly straightforward due to a secret resource in your firm: your own IT team. Even if your firm doesn’t have an in-house team, your outsourced partner can still help you achieve these goals”.

In the article Smith discusses:

  • How to grow your firm with IT
  • How to give IT a bigger role
  • How to ensure successful IT collaboration

Smith continues, “Your firm and the IT group can work on ROI for different solutions, and mutually arrive at the best solution for you and your clients. This knowledge and process will help you better serve your clients and connect with them in a more meaningful manner. Being able to address the challenges you and your clients share can be a big positive to all involved”. How can your firm leverage the advantages of an IT team?

To read more, see the full article from V. Allen Smith in Accounting Today.