The Rosenberg Survey Has Landed!

Have you gotten your 2016 copy of The Rosenberg Survey yet? They are hot off the press and arriving at CPA firms across the U.S. and Canada, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve already gotten lots of positive feedback.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog – and we hope you are! – you know that we write about all of the issues affecting CPA firms and the industry as a whole. We like being part of the conversation about the future of the profession, and the way things like technology and the next generation of CPAs are shaping it.

The Rosenberg Survey is where we get the chance to share data we’ve spent months compiling, along with thorough analyses by industry leaders, in a quantifiable and concise format.

The Rosenberg Survey is a collaboration between our very own Charles Hylan, Shareholder of The Growth Partnership, and Marc Rosenberg. It’s not just speculation about the industry, it’s an exhaustive compilation of research from hundreds of firms of varying sizes, from all over the country. Whether it’s large metropolitan hubs like New York City or smaller markets like Somerset, KY, the Survey has the best representation of CPA firms across the United States. This enables us to really take the pulse of the industry and share our findings with you.

Some great news from this year’s Survey: both revenue growth and income per partner are at their highest rates since 2007. As you might expect, succession planning and mergers were hot topics this year and we got a lot of valuable insight from our participants. 17% of all firms have no partner buyout in place, as this is a very sensitive subject and firms are reluctant to address it. In addition, firms continue to grapple with the issue of mandatory retirement, and you’ll want to see the data we’ve collected on this topic. The Survey contains 100 benchmarks in all, which help you measure your firm’s key financial metrics against those of your peers in the industry.

If you’ve already received your copy of the Survey, we’d love to hear your thoughts. What surprised you? What were this year’s most notable findings?

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