Utilizing Self Check-In

This article discusses how Virgin Hotels is now using Virdee Identity to help customers easily check-in and check out of their hotel rooms. The Virdee kiosks are currently “piloting at Virgin Hotels in Chicago and Dallas, with the Nashville location in deployment.” Virdee is enabling travelers to have a safe and easy way to access their rooms, and travelers can now even check into their hotels mobily. Denise Walker, the VP of information technology for Virgin Hotels says that “with recovery underway and in the era of ‘contactless everything,’ it’s imperative that we continue to prioritize our guests’ safety. Virdee’s solutions allow us to bring a personalized, fully digital check-in experience ensuring each visitor has a tailored check-in process.” Virgin Hotels and Virdee together are opening up a new age in the hotel industry. To learn more about the future of the hotel business, click the link below!

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