Why Accounting Software Technology Will Liberate You

Many think that accounting software will be the end to thousands of jobs in the accounting industry. However, accounting is a combination of human work and software that allows humans to work more efficiently.

In an article from Accounting Web author Hitendra Patil writes, “Most perceive “automation in accounting” as “automated software,” but in reality, automation-driven accounting software actually helps accountants automate all of their processes”.  

In the article Patil discusses:

  • The importance of human work
  • All-manual effort
  • Automation today
  • The real impact of using automation technology

Patil continues, “With automation, you can make much more, if you choose to automate your processes”. Can your firm increase its profitability by using automation-driven accounting software?

To read more, see the full article from Hitendra Patil in Accounting Web.