Will Robots Free Accountants to Be More Creative?

Technology is taking over the accounting industry. We are starting to see artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and robotics being implemented in businesses around the world.  As technology gets smarter, are accountants in for a rude awakening?

In an article from In The Black, author Beverley Head writes, “robots coupled with AI or cognitive platforms are going to have a profound impact on accountants, auditors, the nature of work generally, and the broader economy”.

In this article Head discusses:

  • The future of robotics is now
  • Irreplaceable accounting knowledge
  • The new normal for modern accountants and auditors
  • Adding the human touch

Head continues, “With robotic technology performing the grunt work, the skills likely to make accountants stand out, says Rhonda Brighton-Hall, are their emotional quotient, problem-solving capabilities, creative thinking and cognitive flexibility – all of which are currently foreign to robots”. How does your accounting firm plan on implementing new technology while also providing jobs?

To read more, see the full article from Beverley Head in In The Black.