You Made It! Tax Season is Over, So What’s Next?

Let out a sigh of relief – you made it through another Tax Season! What’s next for you personally and professionally?

Though many people think you only work the first three months of the year, you know your firm exists to serve clients year round. However, the sprint to April 15th means other priorities have to be shuffled and strategically scheduled. How do you manage these other tasks with your well-earned downtime?

Scheduling a much-needed vacation is the first order of business for many CPAs. Booking your getaway in advance will give you something to look forward to as you trudge through the months leading up to April 15th. Make sure other items don’t fall off your radar, such as 990s and 5500s. Keep in mind that everyone else in your firm will be wanting a vacation, and it’s important to stagger these trips so your firm is not short-handed with other deadlines approaching.

Read more in the full article from Accounting Today – and congratulations on making it through another Tax Season!!